Our New Home

This Friday, we’ll be moving the office to 90 Broad Street. The move itself is about five blocks, which is nothing much, but the new space is significantly larger. Anyone who’s ever had a meeting at our old office will greatly appreciate that we will now have a proper conference room, rather than a fishbowl table in the middle of an open office.

This move has been a long time coming and will, we hope, contribute to the general atmosphere and productivity of our office. Also, it’s cool being at the center of New Amsterdam. Here’s 90 Broad’s location on the 1660 Castello Plan:

Finally, I wanted to circle our windows on the photo above, but we face north, to Stone Street, and that old picture shows the south and wast facades, facing Stone¬†and Broad Streets. (Note that, as part of Manhattan’s contribution to non-euclidean geometry, Pearl and Broad are nominally parallel but actually cross at the nearest big intersection to our new digs.)