Sometimes you just don’t need the old doors any more. That’s the side facade of the Joyce Theater. We’ve got three infill areas of brick:

  1. The former ordinary door a few feet to the right of where the fancy front-facade veneer ends. The door was a step up from the sidewalk and the granite step is still there. The little extension of the infill on the right side is probably where the lockset was and the similar extension on the bottom left is probably where the lower hinge was. That of course raises the question of why the removal of the top hinge didn’t create a similar hole that had to be infilled.
  2. A small opening – probably a through-wall air-conditioner – right where the “DANGER” sign is.
  3. A bigger opening between the sign and the sprinkler connection. Notice that the brick soldier course that marks the top of the first door (and is continuous along the wall) jogs up a little at this opening. It was a bigger door, possibly used for stage loading. This one has been infilled properly: the new brick is toothed into the old brick on either side.