A Constellation

The NYC Department of Buildings has released another on-line tool. This one provides a fast summary of permits, complaints, inspections by the DoB, violations, and construction accidents for every building in the city, accessible by a map. If you click on the screenshot above, you’ve got the entire city, as I zoomed way out. I …

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Seeing Is Believing

More ancient history, from the same project as the cast-iron column base I showed recently. This is the new steel frame (with its concrete floors on metal deck) that was erected inside the shell of the old building. All of the structure you see here (except for the old brick wall in the background) was my …

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A Building Ghost Explains His Haunting

In a way, that’s the best ghost picture I’ve taken. It’s another old one, but it shows clearly how this phenomenon occurs. Here are the demonstrable facts: The building on the left is an architecturally-forgettable hotel constructed in 2001. The building on the right is a generic NY loft building constructed in 1918. Here are …

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The Message Only Becomes More Important Over Time

I feel like I read an article on this topic every month or so, but the repetition is okay. The greenest building is the one that already exists and is reused. Or, as Mark Alan Hewitt puts it in Common Edge: Why Reusing Buildings Should Be the Next Big Thing. Existing buildings vastly outnumber new ones, …

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