Some More Thoughts On Ruins

I’ve talked before about “ruin porn” and my discomfort with the topic. I recently came across this seven-year-old essay on the topic: “The Unspeakable Pleasure of Ruins” by Rick Poynor. His thesis is that my misgivings are wrong, that there’s nothing wrong photos or other representations of ruins, regardless of the aesthetic intentions of the …

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Hidden Oddity

That’s the demolition of a small commercial building on the Upper West Side. Nothing remarkable – I stopped and looked only because I used to live in the neighborhood and must have walked by this building a few thousand times in the late 80s and early 90s. I was surprised to see that the roof …

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Easy To Reach

My previous speculation about how the old Tappan Zee Bridge would be demolished was wrong. I had thought that the backarms of the cantilevers would be lifted off their piers and dissembled elsewhere. That was too subtle. The picture above, taken from a train, shows the actual process: one backarm has been dropped from its …

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The Message Only Becomes More Important Over Time

I feel like I read an article on this topic every month or so, but the repetition is okay. The greenest building is the one that already exists and is reused. Or, as Mark Alan Hewitt puts it in Common Edge: Why Reusing Buildings Should Be the Next Big Thing. Existing buildings vastly outnumber new ones, …

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