Extremes On Site

It got as low as 1F (-17C) at Ticonderoga yesterday*, and I’ve had site visits at 102F (39C) during heat waves in New York City. That 101 degree spread (in Celsius, a 56 degree spread) is in some ways more difficult to deal with than other conditions on site (heights or filth, for example). But …

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The Message Only Becomes More Important Over Time

I feel like I read an article on this topic every month or so, but the repetition is okay. The greenest building is the one that already exists and is reused. Or, as Mark Alan Hewitt puts it in Common Edge: Why Reusing Buildings Should Be the Next Big Thing. Existing buildings vastly outnumber new ones, …

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121 Definitions Plus 1

Courtesy of ArchDaily: 121 Definitions of Architecture. They range from thought-provoking to astonishingly banal. I’ll add one more: Architecture is the stuff that, if you ignore it, you’ll stub your toe.

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