Hidden Oddity

That’s the demolition of a small commercial building on the Upper West Side. Nothing remarkable – I stopped and looked only because I used to live in the neighborhood and must have walked by this building a few thousand times in the late 80s and early 90s. I was surprised to see that the roof …

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I’ve put up so many photos of badly-weathered steel that is seems only fair to put up this one. You’ll need to click on it to expand it to see it properly. This is a roof spandrel beam on an office building downtown, uncovered for parapet reconstruction. There’s a column connection on the right and …

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A Hidden Name

That’s a steel beam from the roof framing of a 1903 building, made visible by the construction of a new stair. The writing on it is the identifying information for this beam, for use by the steel erector 116 years ago. The painted designation was hidden by the terra cotta tile arch of the roof …

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