Urban Planning


One of the archetypical New York buildings is the “dumbbell tenement,” which was named after its shape, not its occupants or owners. It’s worth looking at what these buildings are and why the gradual reduction in their numbers is not a bad thing. That’s the corner of 19th Street (left) and Eight Avenue (right), looking …

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Zoning and Preservation – The Long View

That’s a view of Hoboken and Jersey City, two small cities in New Jersey, from the promenade along the Hudson River in New York. Hoboken has made an effort, mostly via zoning, to preserve its historic downtown. Both the actual existing buildings and the scale of the downtown have been protected in various ways. Jersey …

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Gradual Development

The map exhibit at the NY Transit Museum, and this Gothamist post describing it, could hardly have been better designed to capture my interest. Different ways of looking at the past and present of the subway system, different forms of graphic presentation, NY history…all good stuff. It’s the first map – the BMT lines as …

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