Randomness Visible

Those pictures (click on them to enlarge them) were taken about six hours apart on the day of our last spring snowstorm. The truncated-cone roof is standing-seam copper and encloses an open, unheated mechanical space. If you look closely, you’ll see that the snow ends a bit short of the corner where the slope turns …

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Brick Repetition

Some twenty years ago I described New York as the world’s largest laboratory for the destruction of brick. This view of midtown Manhattan gives a sense of why I said that. Except for a small amount of terra cotta and cast stone trim, and a stone balustrade off to the right, every inch of every …

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That’s the view out my window in the new office. The facade of the building across the street is dirty. No big surprise, right? New York has many fine qualities, but cleanliness is not among them. But that facade dirt is a little more complicated than that. First, different materials show dirt differently. In this …

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